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   Warning: This page oozes with Family Practicality due to Military PCS'ing. This is not intended to be misconstrued as anything other than an easier way for a bunch of Moms to communicate through hectic schedules, different time zones, and lack of coffee about Birthdays and Christmas.

   This page is for everyone who has ever asked me "What does Monkey want for his Birthday" or "What would Hubby like for Christmas"? Following is a list of their Major toys and the accompanying games that they have as well as a wish list for them both. If you have any questions as to whether my boys are spoiled this will definitely answer you with a resounding "Yes"! But they both deserve it for all their hard work and straight up cuteness :D

Monkey's Acquired Treasure:

Leap Pad 2 (Thank You Aunt Kathy and Grandpa Steele)

2 Carrying Cases, Green
1 Protective Gel Cover, Blue ( Love it Kathy!)
   *Thomas & Friends
   *I Spy Treasure Hunt
   *Learn to Read Collection
   *Jake and the Neverland Pirates
   *Pixar Pals
   *Letter Factory Game

Leap Frog Tag Junior 

Thanks Mimi & Grandpa Mason


Thanks Mimi and Grandpa Mason

Work Bench (from Sam's Club) - Thanks Grandpa Poor :)
Tool Kit
Tricycle (Thanks Papa Poor)
Motorcycle (Thanks MeMaw)
Four Wheeler (thanks Commander)
Too many books to mention...we read them all though so feel free to expand on that old school joy!
Splash Pool

Monkey's Wish List:

~At this moment anything to help encourage his speech and communication skills. 

~Anything artistic so games for either Leap Frog / Pad would be fantastic and appreciated!
~Old School fun like wagons, dress-up, tents, imaginative play, etc...

Parental Guidelines:

** Please no guns, bow & arrows, etc at this time. He is too young for violent themed toys and already has enough of a passion for throwing things randomly :) When he is older and we feel he can handle them we will change this parental rule :)
** Given Monkey's age we ask that anything overly large, noisy, and all in all iffy be run through Hubby and I first. We appreciate everything that is done for him but there are some things in our family that we have to take into consideration like the ability to move it, the loudness in event of apartment living, etc.

Hubby's Acquired Treasure:

X-Box 360
    Games: They rotate so GameStop Gift Cards are perfect :)
Rolling Work Bench (ain't it soooo purty?)
*From Sam's Club Thanks to some Very Special Parents and Aunts and Uncles*

      Tools: He has some but is looking to upgrade to DeWalt tools           that will hold up better. Quality over Quantity with him :)

Hubby's Wish List:

DeWalt Tools:
  • Sanders
  • Drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Saws
  • Routers
  • Anything that goes "vroom"

Anything to help him finish projects:
  • Hand Tools
  • Cloths
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rulers
  • Charcoal Pencils
  • Levels
Do I sound girly about this yet? He's starting from scratch at this moment so pretty much anything will make him happy!

Hubby's big wish for this Christmas however is this: 
Since he is a reader( as we all know)...he has requested a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. It has a bigger screen than his kindle for his eyesight's sake and can function as a laptop as well. 

If you have any questions or want to team up with the other parents give me a call and we can definitely arrange that!    

As we grow as a family I will update this list for you! I hope this helps eliminate some of the stress that living so far apart can cause come Birthday and Christmas time!

                                Thank You for everything! 
                   Julianne, Hubby, & Monkey

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