What Makes Me "Me"

        Let me preface this with I have a lot of friends who are SAHM's and are lucky enough to be able to afford it financially and handle it mentally. They not only pull it off in a house full of little ones they do so with grace and patience beyond my understanding and comprehension. That said, i am not one of them. So you understand where I am coming from with this site here's a little background...
        My husband is in the Air Force and while the benefits are fantastic, the pay for now is not so hot. We have an amazing little boy with some minor health issues who is growing like a weed (he's 2, he wears 4t...) and that unfortunately requires money. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a SAHM for 18 months and thought I was going to go insane after 12 of them!!!! I know a lot of you out there are thinking that that sounds horrible as a mom to want to get out of the house but admit it...you do too. I love my son but I was craving adult conversation and the ability to get dressed once and not change three times in the morning alone. I was running out of ideas and the walls of my home starting feeling more like a prison than a safe zone. It wasn't healthy for anyone in our family and wasn't fair to any of us either. I love my son but I'm one of those weird girls who genuinely likes working!
       When I was offered a job as an Administrator for a small office not far from our home I jumped at the opportunity. The job has turned out to be a complete answer to prayer. It's enough hours to compensate for the holes in our budget and it pays for a daycare that Mason adores and that is working diligently with him on his communication and hearing issues. As well, my boss is a fellow christian and a father of his own crazy toddler. The Lord couldn't have provided a more perfect job to help out Chris and I at this time in our lives and I truly am thankful for it. However, being a working mom presents its own set of challenges that needed to be conquered.
       For starters, my first job is that of Wife and Mom. My second is working as an administrator. My Hubby and Son still deserve to come home to a clean home and a hot meal. They still deserve to have a happy helpful mom who wants to play and hug up on both of them. That's my job and i wouldn't trade it for anything. I just needed to start finding shortcuts to the stuff that no one likes so I could get to the fun stuff (like crafting and baking with my son!) quicker...After awhile I started having people ask me for the recipes and lists that were making life easier for my family. I figured this blog could cut out the time in between.
        I hope the things I have found to make my life better can help make yours better too. Ultimately the goal for me was to have a Stay at Home Mom feel even as a full time working Mom. As women we tend to sacrifice a lot in this world for the ones we love. Let's make sure that we aren't sacrificing the time we have with them to give them something fleeting instead of something memorable.
Best Wishes, Jules

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