Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Initial Apologies...

    So, I'm definitely in the process of getting a few things tweaked on here and while i'm having fun learning as I go, it's going to be a bit frustrating until it's up and running the way I want.
    Ultimately I would love to have a place for easy recipes that can be printed and ready to use for the moms on the go. An entire page dedicated to the kitchen actually to help that entire part of our life since that is huge for most moms!
    I am working on Mason's birthday party and the stencils and crafts used for it and getting everything put on here for anyone else with a child (or husband) who is obsessed with superheros.
   I need to figure out how to do pages so I can do a holiday page as well for all the cheap and easy holiday decorating projects that i have and the family togetherness things i am working on for this Christmas to help Mason understand that Christmas isn't just about cool toys...Have I mentioned that I refuse to have a spoiled brat for a child who thinks the world revolves around him? He's such a loving little boy and I want him to stay that way...Squirrel! ok...back to the real rambling points...
    I am also constantly struggling with my health and consequently my weight so I am wanting to have a place for health tips and reminders that are easy. It's tough enough accomodating children's changing tastes but to do so in a healthy manner for you too is difficult. I would love to let you know some good tricks I have figured out.
    I think that is it for now...Have a great day everyone :)