Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re-Purposed Cutting Board

    So I have this favorite Aunt-in-Law that for a great present one year gave me this set of 3 Bamboo Cutting Boards. She knows me so well! She cracks me up since she doesn't really do the cooking in her family because she is one of those lucky women who has a man who likes cooking and is good at it. So you know she spent a hot minute in the aisle comparing brands and prices and sizes and what-not...That makes these cutting boards so much more special to me though. To top it off they get used daily for everything! At least until the middle sized one snapped in half right down the middle. I was flat out heart broken and refused to throw out the pieces until I could figure out what to do with it. Then in true Julie fashion, while perusing Pinterest one night, it hit me...a Family Name board! I could just glue it together, stencil our name, paint it, and then hang it in our kitchen appropriately enough. That way I get to keep my cutting board and it means more in its second life than in its first. :) So here we go!

  A Cutting Board
  Stencil in your font of choice
  Paint in your color
  Paint Brush, fine tip
  Paint Board, paper plate worked for me but you can use egg          cartons or even buy a paint plate
  Drill and Drill Bit
  Paper Towels
  Super Glue

    1. Start by placing your stencil where you want it. I tend to just eye my projects because I have a good eye for straight lines but you can draw a straight line in pencil to line your stencils on. Pencil the words on lightly as you want them and feel free to erase and re-write as you need to till you like it.
I'm a messy kinda artist but I work best that way :) I cleaned up for all of you!

The paint will cover the lines in the end and the other lines will erase pretty well as long as you use a quality eraser. Some people do this on wax paper and transfer it but I personally don't like that method. If you do feel free to do so. 
    2. When you are satisfied with your lettering, pour a bit of paint on your plate and dip your brush tip in it and start filling in your gorgeous letters! Try to outline the letters first as it will provide a cleaner look overall and keep the lines as long as possible to keep them from looking choppy. Also, only dip the very tip of the brush in the paint. The less paint on the brush the easier it is to control the brush's movement.
and my Husband works in Finance...Let the comments commence :)
Once the lettering is done let it dry completely. Afterwards drill two holes in the top and thread your ribbon through in whatever manner you like and tie it together.
We did blue for our Military Pride and to match our all boy
decor...Use what works for you though!
Once I got the ribbon to where I liked it I glued it in the holes and the pretty bows in place so they didn't droop.
Once that dried (in about 30 seconds) I put a nail in our wall and hung up our new little masterpiece!

    Hopefully this helps gives you an idea on how easy it can be to save that loved gift and better yet, hang it up for the world to see. Keeping family close even when far away can be tough, but things like this make it easier for us.

Making Easter Rice Krispy Treats
with his dog...Baking from
an early age :)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Best Wishes,
                                  Jules and Monkey

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