Friday, November 22, 2013

An honest look at the Church

   I know this post is going to offend some and stir others and frankly, i'm ok with that. I have been a Christian for years and being raised in a family that believed in helping those who needed it lent a hand to attending various churches. My Dad would work as a Music Minister, my Uncle as the Pastor. It offered up an opportunity for me to see churches in a way that a lot of people don't get to. I saw the behind the scenes versions, the deep dark secret versions, the best of the best, and even the worst of the worst. I learned to watch quietly and got very good at diagnosing the true issues that were the root of all the problems. Funny enough it all came down to two issues normally. My church here is no different. Even with the Pastoral search and committee issues it still comes down to the same two issues. 
   So after three years of taking the remarks and underhanded comments I decided I had had enough. If you can't get someone to listen to you in one way then you try another. This video is that other way. Hopefully you'll watch the whole thing. Hopefully it will help you understand what me and so many others like me deal with on a regular basis.

                                                  An Honest Look at the Church

   So tell me, where does Grace fit into your story? Your church? Your version of Love? Your version of God? 

Best Wishes,

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