Friday, January 3, 2014

Aren't they just a Hoot!


   My husband a while back was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease that affects his neck on a daily basis. It sounds kinda scary and when we first found out about it, it was. One surgery, multiple orders for Quarters (required sick leave), and too many different pills to count I decided that I was tired of playing fireman. This particular issue flairs up with repetitive strain or workouts that are too much too soon and then requires pain medicine and muscle relaxers to get the issue back in control so my husband can function again. So I did some research...and found that simple things like neck exercises, proper diet, and heating pads / ice packs can help maintain his level of functionality and help prevent future issues. It seems simple but there are always snags in life. The biggest one here is that he can't sit at work with a heating pad plugged in and wrapped around him after his workouts. So I took on the challenge of figuring something else out and something amazing came from it...I re-discovered Rice Heating Pads! They are environmentally safe, non electric, portable little bags that you can freeze as an ice pack or heat up in the microwave and use as a heating pad. They last for years and you can make them in virtually any shape and size you want. As well you can add spices to them to aid in certain issues like headaches, sinuses, stress...the list goes on and on. 

   Enter my addiction to Owls. I decided after making a heating pad for my husbands neck that I would try and make those cute little Owl Hand Warmers that I have been seeing all over Pinterest. I originally wanted to purchase one for Monkey but all the links kept taking me to pictures or Patterns. Since I have been sewing since I was a little girl I decided to make my own pattern and make a few for Monkey and me. It took a few days but I got them done and they are so wonderful. They fit perfectly on my shoulders and behind my neck when I'm relaxing at night and Monkey likes to play with his and just hug it when he watches Mickey Mouse. The best part is the size! I have a few stacked in the freezer now at all times to fix the bumps and scrapes that Monkey gets.
They lay flat for stacking so they store easier in your Freezer
or cupboards :)
They are perfect for his knees and head. When I know we will be somewhere cold I can microwave two and put it in his pockets for him to hang on to or use them to keep my feet warm at night when my blood sugar level gets the best of me!

   They were so cute and fun to make that I decided to add them to my Etsy Shop. I make them in the same four fun patterns we have at the house now and I purposefully made it so the price was affordable for anyone. I
know I have had so much fun discovering new ways to use our owls and I bet you will too. In fact, let me know how you use your rice hand warmers at your house. I would love new ideas for these versatile little cutie pies!

Best Wishes,
Jules and Monkey

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