Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blessed but Slightly Stressed!

   Recently there have been some changes in our home that have been a blessing in disguise. I have had the opportunity to change careers. Those who know me know I love being in the Administrative field and that I excel at it. However recently my job changed locations so my Hubby and I made the decision for me to change careers. It has meant a couple of things.
    First, I am in school temporarily for Real Estate. I'm loving maintaining my previous schedule for the time being as it eases the stress that change can bring. Secondly, it means that I am a Stay at Home Mom at the end of this week! Life is crazy as I prep for this change. Not only will I be working from home as a Real Estate Agent but I will be responsible for a toddler who understands everything but the word "No"! So being the Type A personality that I am I decided to do a few things in preparation.
My Apple Pie! I bake when I'm stressed...

    Lists, Lists, Lists!!!! Did I mention lists? First up is cooking. I love my go to recipes but I was in need of some new ones and decided to take advantage of the few days in between changes to find some to try. I found a few via Pinterest as always and some more in some long lost cookbooks that my inspirational Mom gave me at Christmas.Here's a blog, JustB, that I used for some. She has great tasting, easy to prepare, one dish meals that just knock it out of the park every time! They're easy prep, low cost, and kid friendly so I marked 'em, put them on my Grocery List, and headed to the store. So far they have all passed with flying colors. As I go through them again I plan on posting them for all you wonderful people! 

Heisman Trophy Game at MSU! Wife of the Year Award :)
      Next up was finances. My Hubby and I decided this year was our year to work on debt and tax time is a big part to that. I spent some time with him figuring out what we needed to take care of. As well, I reorganized our budget to fit the different income and therefore different lifestyle we have for a while. I found that our bank has a great money management tool as well as a savings tool so we can see our progress as the bad numbers go down and the good go up! Check out your bank and see what online tools they offer for free to help you organize and get a handle on your money. We are slowly learning to make our money work for us instead of the other way around! 
      As well, I tackled the big Home. I'm pretty organized but between Christmas, Work, Toddler mess, and just sheer laziness from exhaustion (yes type A's deal with that too ;p) my house had spiraled out of control. I went through the house and cleaned like a maniac from toilets to  laundry. I then found a great cleaning schedule that I could printout and put on my fridge as a daily upkeep reminder. I posted it on the bottom of the blog for easy access but you can also find it here at The Time Warp Wife. She is a fantastic christian mom and author who lays out the way to a clean house in a short amount of time. I'm loving the schedule plus it can be altered to fit your days.
Mardis Gras Parade 2013
      Then came my big son. Because of the career change, our finances have changed which means no more nursery. I now have the responsibility of teaching him what he needs to know to, not only catch up, but keep up so he will be ready for preschool. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out! So I have been going through trying to set a schedule up so he gets what he needs first and foremost and I still have time to do work. It's not going to be easy but it needs to happen. Yet again Pinterest to the rescue! I have found so many free teaching aids for numbers and letters that can help him. As well, we are setting his Leap Pad up so I can use it to teach him as well rather than just entertain. I have been researching free activities around town so he can have interaction still with other children and have been surprised! Check out your local library, your town's website, local churches even. They all offer free activities geared towards little children for little to no cost. Talk to friends with kids. Set up one day a week to meet so you get some mom time and the kids get some interaction. As well, I talked with Monkey's nursery and learned that they do offer daily rates so if I need a day to show houses or have meetings all day I can pay a much lower price for him to be there for the day. Check out a local nursery in your area and see if they offer you the same type of situation. It's definitely still a work in progress but my focus has been on schedules and activity. Monkey needs a schedule with his temperament to maintain his happiness level and activity to keep him out of trouble.
     This whole situation has been a learning experience with a very sharp learning curve and I personally don't like change. It messes with me normally but this time around I have had the extra blessing of feeling at peace with what is happening. Throughout everything that happens I always know that change is God's way of steering me towards the direction he wants me to go. I am slowly learning how to hold onto Isaiah 41:10 (NIV) "So do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand". I am learning that God will use situations to mold me the way He sees fit and my only responsibility is to trust Him and take that next step. However in true Type A style, I make lists to make sure that I can make it through that next step! For me it helps to ease the scariness of change itself.
    I know this post has been a bit different but hopefully there has been something of use that you can glean in order to help ease your life up a little bit. After all that what this is about, a little extra work now to ease up work later so we all have time for what is truly important - Our Families! 

Mardis Gras Parade 2013 ~ Such goofballs having fun!

Best Wishes,
Jules, Hubby, & Monkey

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