Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Shower Fun!

Playground Day!
 I had the opportunity to host a baby shower recently for a new friend of mine from church. I have to admit it was a little nerve wracking from the get go solely cause I don't "do" baby showers. I'm not that girl who gets excited about the color pink and fluffy things that play obnoxious baby songs. I tend to lean more towards football games and playgrounds if you get my drift. I was raised by a mom who desperately wanted a little girl and got a little tomboy...except now that I have a little boy of my own I find myself compensating for the boyish behavior by being more girly! So with all of that in play and the beautiful realization that my friend Jessica is the same way I set out to plan a non-girly Baby Shower for her and the third little girl that she is having (ironic, I know)

   I decided on a Grey and Yellow theme from the beginning since it is sweet and simple without being obnoxious. I have a thing for baby animals period but in this case, Elephants! After that it was pretty easy. I went on a plundering tour of Pinterest to find some games and decorations and here is what I found...
Wishing Well Station and "Guess that Number!"

   I decided to do a homemade "It's a Girl!" Banner based on Shanty2Chic's free printables. The website can be found here :) It was incredibly easy but a little time consuming. I printed everything out on plain colored paper and cut it out. I then laid them out on some Scrapbooking paper and cut them out again with about an inch around the perimeter. 

I taped them together, Punched holes in the top corners and laced them on some ribbon. My Hubby helped me hang it in our kitchen across our windows. All in all it took me about two hours without the help of Monkey or his cat :D

   Next I found this girl who is alllll about her baby showers and was diggin' the color yellow and utilized some of here free games. They come as a PDF so you just download and print as many as you need and then you still have it for later on down the road too ;) Most came multiples to a page so I curled up in front of the TV and went to town just cutting away one night. My Hubby came to the rescue and looked up the answer to one of the animal games for me the day of the shower so make sure you do that the day before at least!

   As well I found an amazing Lemonade Punch that I still make and drink almost every week! It's really easy, and to boot I cut up two lemons and placed them on a Reynold's Wrapped plate and froze them. Nobody likes watered down drinks so what better way to cool lemonade down than with frozen lemons!
As you can see, I used Lemons allll over the place for decoration as well!

   Food-wise I kept things simple for once. I ordered the cutest little cake and cupcakes from Sam's Club for crazy cheap as a center piece.
I looove Polka Dots so I use them every chance I get :)
I made Ham with Baby Swiss Sandwiches and Turkey with Baby Swiss Sandwiches and let everyone dress them themselves. Deviled Eggs, Chips and Dip, Fruit Salad (Pineapple, Peaches, and Mandarin Oranges to stick with the yellow theme), and Pigs in a Blanket (for the kids) rounded it out. It was all really easy, about two hours worth of prep the day of, and it looked gorgeous! I also grabbed some flowers while I was out to brighten up the place (and my day :D)
After the hungry mob...I buy my kitchen Baking needs in Glass or Wood when possible cause it goes with everything and lends an air of simplicity and hominess. It also allows me to use them as serving dishes :)

   All in all it was a fun day and fairly easy to pull off. I may not be a big fan of Baby Showers but I'm definitely coming around to them now. And the best part? Monkey made some new friends that day too! 
Big Sister #1

Big Sister #2

   Life isn't always easy or pretty but with the right planning it can be. That week was crazy for me but I'm glad I slowed down to do the Shower for Jessica. I learned a lot about myself, my son made some new friends, and my house hasn't looked that good in ages!


                                                           Best Wishes,
                        Jules & Hubby (He goes
      by Knight in Shining Armor too ;D)

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