Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On a serious note...

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     I was recently contacted by someone about posting an article they wrote concerning the various health issues that affect our Military. To be honest, at first I was kind of skeptical . Here my little baby blog was being contacted by its first guest writer solely because I'm a Military Spouse. The more I communicated with Emily however, the more comfortable I became with the idea. I had never thought about touching on the medical field in this blog but it makes sense. You see, my husband injured himself in Basic and has dealt with some "inherited" medical issues as well this past year. 

Veterans Day Parade 2011

   Everyone thinks that Basic makes our Boys stronger and more prepared but not too many realize the strain it can put on their bodies. And that is just the beginning. Every PCS brings new stressors, every Deployment new issues. I have had the blessing of being raised by a Mom who taught me to be my own Medical Advocate. Only you know your body best. Only you know when something is not right and you need to push to make sure you are not being dismissed with a treatment that may not be working. My Husband and I have worked through his difficulties to find out that he has a Degenerating Disc Disease that will not get better but can be slowed down radically. He will need more surgeries in the future but we can push them further into the future with the right type of diet and exercise. And hey, when they happen it just means I'm one step closer to being married to the Bionic Man (every girl's dream :D). Emily's article hit home with me because she showcases a lot of what we have figured out by ourselves. Hopefully, you won't have to. Her links are great resources and jump off points as well to finding the best route for you. Military Members deal with things most people couldn't even dream about. That doesn't mean that they need to suffer through alone though. There is always help if you know who to ask. 

Making Changes for a Healthier Life

Many veterans give up on their health and do not live productive lives because of different ailments they're dealing with. PTSD is a mental condition that affects most veterans and can easily disrupt a person's daily functions. Another big problem that many veterans are now dealing with is mesothelioma and many people are receiving cancer treatment for this issue. There are a few things you need to know about improving your health and living a more productive life. You can do many things to accomplish this without having to resort to solely using medications and different prescription drugs.

A great way to improve your health would be to exercise a little more than what you're doing right now. You might find that a simple walk each day after your dinner is enough to improve your quality of life and lift your mood. When you exercise, your body naturally releases endorphins that help you to feel better. Because of this, you will find that exercise is easy to add to your life and can be done in a way so that it is actually enjoyable. If you love dancing, for example, don't hesitate to join a local dancing class and see what is in store for you.

Another great way to improve your health and to avoid different medical ailments would be to diet and eat a little better. Many people have found that even making small daily changes to their diet is enough to keep them healthy and active as well as to avoid developing diabetes. You will definitely want to speak with your doctor before you actually make changes to your daily diet, especially if you are on medication or if your doctor has already established a set diet for you.

All veterans still need to visit their doctors regularly and be apart of a support group that they can turn to if they need someone to talk with. You can find a number of support groups both online and in your local area that you can benefit from making use of. You will notice that these types of changes are great for when you're looking to live a healthier life and would like to be more productive. Making these simple changes can also help you get over different ailments that you may already be dealing with so that they are not so much of an issue in your life.

   ~ Emily Walsh

   Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If this wasn't something that could affect you directly please consider telling someone it could help. Our Military Men and Women sacrifice a lot to ensure you can live the life you want. Please take time today to help a Veteran enjoy their life. 

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Veterans Day Parade 2011

God Bless,
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  1. I have a friend who was diagnosed with something similar to degenerative disc disease...I recommended Garden of Life's GROW BONE isn't cheap! She said "I don't have a bone problem"...I told her that there's a problem, and this should help fix it! And a few months later, she was FINE! SHe was on the verge of having a spinal FUSION! Surgery scheduled and everything! It is almost 2 years now, she is 6 months pregnant, and her back is still great!

    1. I need to look into that! He had a spinal fusion a few months back with three of his discs that were "crumbling". As of now there are some more that are getting to a point of concern. It's why we have amped up the eating in our household to include veggies (against his will :p) and I starting him on multi-vitamins. It's slow going when you are training someone from the ground up but it is worth it in the long run :)I'm glad to hear your friend is doing so great!

  2. Hey that's pretty darn cool chickie! Your first guest blogger!! I never knew the long term affects that are caused while in basic. Very good post!