Friday, December 28, 2012

Pancake Puffs!

   I have a toddler. Shocker right?! What I should say is I have a toddler who likes to eat from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. While I believe God made me his Mama for a reason, I must admit I don't function quite like him in the morning...My morning involves grunting noises till coffee time then I'm able to pretend to be a big girl who uses real big girl words. All this to say when my Monkey asks for breakfast 5 seconds after waking up I tend to just stare at him blankly like a weird specimen at the museum I have never seen before. Don't lie, You do the same thing with your kids! Coffee is essential in life :) 

   So I was perusing Pinterest (like all good Blue-Blooded American Women) and stumbled on Pancake Muffins from multiple sites (we call them Puffs since it's cuter and easier for Monkey to say). And dismissed them. A few weeks later I was making pancakes for the fam and realized I didn't want to stand there flipping  'em for the next 30 Minutes. So I pulled out my Mini Muffin Pan, which I love, and dumped my batter into it and shoved it into the oven. 10 minutes later my Monkey is running around the house with Pancakes, high on life. He can help himself, one batch made about 30 muffins, they travel well, store easy, and alter easy to become healthier! Ah-Ha moment if I ever had one...So I have to share it with the world. The Girls in my Sunday School class looked at me like I was changing religions when I started talking about them because seriously Breakfast has been changed forever! So here we go...

What you need:
Pancake Mix
Mini Muffin Pan

Too easy? Here's what I use:
Bisquick Heart Healthy Pancake Mix
  2 cups Bisquick
  1 1/4 cups 2% Milk
  1 Egg
  1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  2 Tablespoons Sugar
  Pancake Additions ~ Cranberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, etc.
I keep my sugar in a Penny Jar on the counter for easy access. Plus, it's cute :)
*Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.*

Mix everything together except the Pancake additions. When the batter looks ready for normal Pancakes then you're ready to go. 

This Batch has 8 Cranberry, 4 Banana, 4 Chocolate Chip,  & 8 Plain


Spray your Mini Muffin Pan down so things don't stick (I use Pam Butter Spray). Place whatever goodness you are adding in the bottom of the muffin cups. You only need about 2 or 3 pieces in each cup. Slice the bananas thinly and only put one piece in each cup. I use a 1/8 Cup measuring spoon to fill mine because it happens to be the right size but use what you like to fill them up to the top over the fruit and candy :)

Bake for about 10 Minutes. They will not get brown. They will get golden looking and the fruit will be bubbly. Pull them out and let them cool for about a minute and pop them out. I line a bowl with a paper towel and throw them in there. Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel. One batch will make about 30 Mini Muffins.

You can use your brand of pancake mix, change out the milk type, the fruit, etc. to make this fit your family's dietary needs and likes. Super easy, Super quick, annnnd you guessed it, Super delicious!

**Warning: This recipe causes Toddler self-sufficiency and Mommy coffee breaks to last longer.**

Us after his first Christmas Show! He was sooo Hyper!

              Happy Baking!
            Jules & Monkey

I have found some variations that I love for the Holidays! So here is your bonus round  :)

Eggnog Pancake Puffs
  2 cups Bisquick
  3/4 cup Buttermilk
  3/4 cup Eggnog
  1 Egg
  1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  2 Tablespoons Sugar
  Cinnamon / Nutmeg
   Mix all together and pour into a buttered Mini Muffin pan. Sprinkle with Cinnamon or Nutmeg, your preference, before baking them. Bake as directed above.
   We hope you enjoy your holiday breakfast rendition! Happy Holidays :)

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