Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Quit!

     Mom Wars blow! Let's face it, no matter where we turn, there is media and strangers telling us we are doing this mothering thing wrong. I don't know about you but I am done! I know who I am as a mom and wife and while I may trip every now and again it's normally because this pesky Mom War keeps getting in the way and shoving it's opinion in my face. So today I am covering the big issues from both sides and we are all going to learn what is Acceptable Behavior together. And then we are all going to
 Dun dun DUN!!!!(belt :D) QUIT! together :) 
   Now I know that the video is long, but seriously, we women have a  lot of issues! like, this list is the short on to the good stuff! Simply click on the hyperlink below (above the photo) and wait for the download to finish. I'm sorry if it takes a moment, it's a part of Google Share with longer videos :)

     Now let's all say it together: "Not Acceptable Behavior".

Best Wishes,
Jules & Monkey

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